I keep hearing that it takes YEARS to DEVELOP and MASTER Psychic Ability....

So, if you're anything like me, you are probably turned off by this popular opinion... ESPECIALLY, if you don't wanna wait to get the results and you want them right now!

I don't gatekeep, never have, and never will... and so in this course I'm going to show you how to build a foundation for your psychic practice so you can learn how to access Psychic Information TODAY... not in a few weeks of practice but...


LNB Academy is Now Open for Enrollment!!

Welcome to the development of your spiritual journey! LNB Academy is an extension of Love Nature and Beyond, the home of Spiritual and Mental Mastery Specialist, Lilith Callista Silverkrow

Join in on courses based on Psychic Development, Spirituality, and Coaching!

More courses to be offered soon! Come back to check for updates!

Self-Discovery is an Amazing Journey

Becoming Aware, starts with learning more about the unknown...

In Spirituality, we learn that the more we pay attention and bring awareness to the things that we do not see, the invisible becomes visible and we become the catalysts for change in the world.

LNB Academy was built on the foundation of shifting humanity and helping people find their true authenticity through Psychic Ability, NLP, Spirituality, and more.

As LNB Academy grows you will find many different courses for personal and professional development so that you can share your innate abilities with the world!!

Classes Taught By Lilith Callista Silverkrow

Lilith is a Spiritual and Mental Mastery Specialist- Specializing in and Board Certified in: Neuro-Linguistic Programming (PNLP) Clinical Hypnotherapy (CCHt) Time Techniques (TTP), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Life and Success Coaching, Psychic Development and Spiritual Coaching

Energy Work and Psychic Development Level Two Coming Soon!

Energy Work and Psychic Development Level two is a journey into further developing your psychic skills based on the foundation of energy work. Finetune your skills from Level One and amp up your abilities! Completion of Level one is required to join this course!

Level Two will be available soon! Check back for updates on when this course will be available!